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Need More Privacy? Use Privacy Bamboo Plants

If you want more privacy in your yard, there are many ways you can do this. One common way people get privacy is installing a fence. This is expensive and also may not look nice. Another way you can get privacy and make your landscaping look even better is using privacy bamboo plants. Below is more information about this so you can get started having the privacy that you and your family need while outside. 

Choose Non-Invasive Bamboo or Invasive Bamboo

When it comes to bamboo for privacy, you have two to choose from: invasive and non-invasive. Non-invasive is also known as clumping bamboo and grows in tight clumps. Invasive bamboo is also sometimes called running bamboo and is spread further apart. This type is generally not used if you want bamboo for privacy, but it does provide a little privacy for you. 

How Fast Bamboo Grows

Bamboo grows faster when compared to other types of plants. This is why it is very popular to use in order to provide privacy. You can purchase bamboo that is already at full growth, or you can also plant bamboo shoots yourself. You will be amazed at how quickly they grow tall. You can save money purchasing starter plants as fully grown bamboo is often more expensive. It can also be difficult to transport fully grown bamboo to your property. You do need to make sure you know how to plant the starter plants properly and how to care for the plants, so they grow healthy for you. If you are not sure, talk with the person you purchase the starter plants from for some tips. 

Types of Bamboo

When it comes to bamboo there are different types you can use. There is Seabreeze bamboo which grows medium to large. This is the most popular type of bamboo found because it grows tall enough to provide you with the most privacy. Seabreeze also has more branches when compared to other types making the bamboo much thicker and harder to see through. If you have a small yard, there is smaller and shorter bamboo available. If you choose a shorter type, make sure you learn how tall it grows so you will be provided with the amount of privacy that you need. 

Using bamboo for your privacy will make your yard look much more interesting to people when they drive or walk by your home.