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Consider Drilling A Well To Supply Water For Your Urban Farm

If you're taking up urban farming, you may be shocked at how much it affects your water bill when you use city water to maintain your garden and animals. A good solution is to have a well drilled on your land so you won't have to pay for the water you need to help your tiny farm flourish. Here's why a well is a good investment for an urban farm and some tips for having one drilled.

Why Your Small Farm Needs A Well

If you're growing fruits and vegetables to sell, they need to be lush and healthy. That requires regular watering, but city water gets expensive, especially when you need a large amount to keep gardens healthy. Your well can supply enough water to your garden and lawn through an irrigation system and supply water to a hose for pressure washing chicken coops and other equipment your farm needs. Plus, you won't have to worry about having the water shut off because of the city's problems or because you can't afford to pay a high bill on time. The water you get from a well is free once you've paid for the installation.

A Well Could Pay For Itself In Time

Your urban farm might get by with a shallow well that's less expensive to dig. The composition of the land under the surface and the location of a plentiful water supply determines the depth of the well and the cost of having it drilled. Get quotes for the work and compare the cost to what you pay for water every month, and you may find the well will pay for itself in several years and in the meantime, you won't have to worry about astronomical water bills.

Follow The Local Codes

Talk to a well drilling service to see if it's possible for them to drill on your land considering the space available. Heavy equipment has to reach the drilling spot, so if that's not possible, you may need to think of other options. Also, your city will probably have restrictions on where you can place the well, so the location of the well may not be entirely your choice. However, you want to know all this information upfront so you don't have to close the well off or move it later.

If you find a good source of water, you might want to use mostly well water even for your home since it could reduce or eliminate your water bill. However, even if you just use the water for farming purposes, you'll still save money on your monthly bill and you can use as much water as you need to keep your gardens and animals healthy during the long, dry days of summer.

For more information, contact a well drilling service.