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The Truth Behind Organic Fertilizers; Pros, Cons, And Alternatives

Fertilizing your lawn to keep it lush and green is good for the grass and makes your yard look nice. But when the term organic gets tossed into the mix, what are you really looking at? Understanding the fertilizer makes it a little easier to choose one that will work for you. 

Organic Fertilizer Versus Synthetic Fertilizers

One of the concerns people have with organic fertilizer for lawn care is the potency of the fertilizer. The fertilizers are very good for the soil and will produce a solid soil base, as well as healthy grass. The downside is that it may take longer to produce it. Most organic fertilizers are not as potent as their synthetic counterparts, but they do produce better soil with better health than the synthetic fertilizers. What you choose to use on your lawn is up to you.

Synthetic fertilizers are cheaper to purchase, and the chemicals used in them work well to produce the fertilizer you need. The chemicals are also water-soluble and will penetrate the ground easier. That does not mean they are better or worse than the organics, just that they are manufactured with the intent to put them on the lawn and begin to work quickly. 

Lawn Damage From Fertilizer

You may have heard someone say they put too much fertilizer on the grass and the lawn was burnt as a result. This is one concern that you may have with synthetic products. The amount of the fertilizer applied to the yard is critical, and it is important that you follow the manufacturer's recommendation.

If you put down too much organic fertilizer, the result is likely to be that you waste the material, but you are not likely to have a burnt lawn as a result. The products used in the organic mix are gentle on the lawn and will dissipate quickly with a little water. 

Price per Acre

Another common concern when using an organic fertilizer is the cost involved. You will find that the cost of organic and synthetic products can vary greatly. If you have decided to go organic, understand that you may find the cost hitting you harder than you originally thought it might. If you are not overly concerned with the price, take a trip to the local garden center or a large home improvement center. 

You can get some gardening advice at the home centers, but to really understand the differences between the fertilizer, you may want to visit a garden center and explain what you need. The garden center will likely have a better understanding of what you need to make that yard look like your favorite sports arena.